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Top Webinar Trends in 2020

2020 has brought its fair share of challenges, but it has also rapidly reshaped the way that we connect and share information.

Here are a few top trends for companies looking to get the most out of their digital experiences:

Account Based Marketing

Before, if you wanted to pitch yourself or product, you would need to develop a specific pitch for each client meeting. Now, record a few versions of your pitch for specific industry verticals depending on your target clients and let them find you.

On Demand

The internet will live on forever, and so will your content. Build up your brand presence and prove your knowledge with a library of resources that will draw in a new audience.

Bring In An Expert

Guest speakers or friendly clients that can help add tot he content and keep your audience engaged. You can also use your webinar to share genuine conversations with current customers


The longer you are able to hold someones attention will help bring them to your final action and report who are your top tier prospects. Keep people interested with quick breaks, questions and answer sessions, live polling, questions to audience, and other interactive activities.

Build a Plan

Knowing where to start and end is a start, but having a roadmap of your main points will increase the impact of your webinar. Set aside before your event to create a timeline of what you want to cover and. prepare a few questions for your audience.

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